Leasing Employees

Employee leasing is an employee rental service. This form of employment shifts legal responsibility for the employee to the service provider. Employment has a tripartite character, and it exists between the lender employee, the employee and the beneficiary of the lending.

The company using the services of employee leasing, only pays for the execution of tasks. Recruitment, medical examination, safety training “BHP”, social insurance “ZUS”, taxes and the entire logistics is on our side.

The benefits of employee leasing are:

  • No formalities

Administrative formalities, settlement and accounting and supervisory duties are taken over by the service provider. On our side, there is recruitment, medical examination, safety training, social insurance and taxes.

  • Organized logistics

We organize logistics: accommodation, food and transport to the workplace.

  • Significant savings

Over 20% reduction in employment costs.

  • professional services

Resident responsible for the contract. For contracts of over 100 persons, we provide a specialist to guarantee fast implementation.

  • without any additional costs

No cost of sick leave, holidays, overtime, night hours and work on Saturdays.

  • safety for business

Stabilization of the workplace. The possibility of increasing and downsizing within few days.